Voodoo Slots

Voodoo Slots is a dark magic themed new slot game developed by Pragmatic Play. The game plays out in 40 different paylines, made up of 5 reels and 4 rows. The game has been carefully designed to bring all of the dark magic symbols and characters to life, so if you are looking for a game that will give you the chills and has a mysterious twist, Voodo Slots is worth your while. The game is a great choice for both newbies and high risk players as the betting window range all the way from $0.20 to $100 a line.

Are you ready for a taste of dark magic?

Voodoo Slots is the ultimate slot game that has been designed around the theme of dark magic, the main character of the game is a Manbo's hut, also known as a voodoo priestess, who watches your every move from the right side of the screen. The game is filled with traditional symbols like skulls, snakes in jars, eyeballs, and of course, voodoo dolls. The graphics are pretty amazing and the game has a creepy soundtrack that adds to the gaming experience.

Tons of ways to win

The game has loads of different features that players will enjoy and that make the overall experience fun and engaging. The potion symbol serves as the scatter symbol and whenever a player lands on 2 or more from reels 3 to 4 the bonus game is triggered. During the bonus game, the player will have to pick one of the three cards facing down, once the player picks the card the prize is revealed. There are three different options, Voodoo free spins which grant the player a prize of 10x their bet, Super Voodoo free spins come with a win guarantee of 25x their bet, and lastly, Mega Voodoo free spins will give players 50x their bet!

On the other hand, the wild symbol can help trigger different features of the game depending on the number of wilds the player collects, the Fortune Hex feature, for example, eliminates all low paying symbols leaving only high paying symbols and creating high win combinations. So what are you waiting for? The combinations are endless!

Compatible with iOS and Android

Voodoo Slots is a fun game to play on iOS and Android, the game has been optimized so players can still enjoy the incredible design and sound elements of the game no matter what device they choose to play with. Pragmatic Play also offers a demo version for those who want to test the waters before starting to bet big.

Overall, Voodoo Slots is an exciting game that will not disappoint players looking for action and big wins. Get started for as little as $0.20 and see why so many players are raving about this game!